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It is a date of togetherness, shared emotion, physical closeness, and the romantic dream that we all wish to reach. This is a time marked by a powerful potential for a person to meet their one true love, and gives opportunities and open doors that need to be used rationally and with a strong connection to the material world. Venus and Jupiter always stand for grand love, and when two of the most beneficent entities in the sky meet in one planetary row, the story of truth and love are merged into one.

A strong sense of moral should guide a person born on March 6th, or they might end up unsure which road to follow, in love with several people at once, and several versions of themselves. This can lead to all sorts of "Don Juan" bonds, choices and partners, and will make them restless until they find what they seek.

Their combination of digits might point to matters of hormonal balance, pregnancy and big life changes that will pull them out of their dreamland and invite them to finally blossom.

March 6 Birthday Horoscope

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 6th of a leap year, and two years following it:. These two Sabian symbols don't seem to combine into one idea easily, but the fact is they speak of learning in togetherness and creating in solitude. Two stories are held here, one that prepares us for the unknown, in circumstances that aren't true to begin with, and the other giving us a chance to sink into silence and dig up our personal inspiration there.

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  • Creativity has to come from the inner core of love and inspiration. Everything else seems to be a simple act of survival. With their numbers combining to number 9, the purpose in lives of those born on March 6th is seen through the God of the Oceans, Neptune. Although impossible to comprehend, in its ultimately pure form it stands for our angelic Selves, the Divine Love, and ultimate faith in the Universe we all seek.

    It is the veil of mystery that these individuals wish to uncover only to find their truth in all its glory and beauty, even if it is hard to face at first. Although this could lead to many emotional disappointments, for as long as they move forwards and believe in themselves and all the lessons learned, their purpose in life remains clear — to follow the mission of faith in love.

    This is, without a doubt, one of the most emotional dates of the year. The sign of Pisces itself is a pool of all collective love and the Divine feeling we all share, but combined with Venus and Jupiter, it raises one's expectations and makes them put their pink goggles on and become a sucker for love. In a chase for someone to share their feelings with, they could meet too many interesting people and develop superficial feelings for all of them, unaware that it is their reflection they really love.

    When they meet someone who shares their ideals and someone to feed their hunger for passion, touch, and creative love, they will stay with them for a lifetime and longer if they have a chance to.

    March 6 Birthday Horoscope

    It is in their nature to get tied to people, love them no matter their flaws and faults from the past, and forgive much more than they should if they truly mastered the art of self-respect. They need a partner to understand that they are willing to give up on everything in life just to feel this grand love take over and carry them across the oceans and into the unknown. A person born on the 6th of March excels in all sorts of art, from painting or singing, to the art of origami.

    They know how to see the bigger picture and this makes them excellent teachers, with the ability to spread the emotion of love they have for the subject they teach about. They need to be passionate about their life choices and doings, or they won't have that much to tell and they could easily start feeling left behind and lost in the ideal. Zincite is the ideal crystal for those born on March 6th, but used only in short intervals and small doses. It's very likely that you will be quite wealthy at some point in your life. Others will look to you for advice and as a role model.

    March 6 Pisces Personality

    Of course, you should be flattered by this, but make sure that this attention and the riches that come with it do not turn you into an egotistical money-monger. Be thankful and generous! At your best: Courageous, successful, interesting At your worst: Egotistical, anxious, stiff. The silliest things can make you smile today.

    Money & Career

    From goofy giggles to belly laughs, sometimes others come up with outrageous ideas too bizarre to be taken… Continue. Enjoy the breezy ease with which you can manage magical matters of the heart today, because it will be a joy and adventure if you let it.


    Don't worry about… Continue. If there's anyone who adores receiving cards in the mail or phone calls of admiration on their special day, it's you Gemini. A natural born communicator, you're the type who constantly pursues all forms of intellectual stimulation. On your birthday, there's no better treat than good old fashioned dialogue and partying with friends and family. In fact, you might be so popular that you realize your voicemail is full and you've got a bunch of text messages to return before you've even had your morning birthday coffee!

    Perpetually curious, you're someone who'll likely be an eternal student. It's not uncommon for you to have your hand in several projects at once since your interests tend to be so diverse.